Romantic rainy day

Sitting near the window looking up in the sky,  Remembering the time when she said hii. 
With every drop that fall, Height of missing her becomes tall.
Every thunderstorm hit him hard,  As rain falls heavily on his yard. 

Romantic rainy day, he miss the time they share,  When she used to care. He wish she could stay with him,  But the hopes of staying are dim. 
He cried in that rain,  So that nobody can see his tears and pain.......

Depression and loneliness

Lonely, sitting near the wall Screams and the tears fall. Hiding tears and hiding fears  Which was with him for years. The pillow in the room knows the whole pain When his tears fell like rain..

Love and support is what he needed, This is what he always pleaded. Carrying a smile on his face, Is he happy or he's in a different place. Nobody knows the pain behind that mask, But was that too much to ask?

I wrote this obviously after hearing this sad news of loss of a great human being and actor 'Sushant Singh Rajput.' I was literally shook after hearing this. May his soul rest in peace. 
So, after what has happened today everybody has started talking about depression, loneliness and mental health which is actually very good because we don't talk much about it as there is always a fear that people will judge us. But if there are bad people there are good people too, we should share what we are feeling at least to our loved ones. It is very tough to diges…

Story of a soldier

         STORY OF A                      SOLDIER           
A soldier, going into war with a bag on his back,   Assuring her crying mother that he will come back.  Touched the soil of his home, Remembering his childhood when he always run away from home.  Looked back, saw his screaming wife and son Shivered as after him there will be no one..  

A bullet came and thrashed his head,  The flag was up but he was dead.  Blood blood everywhere as war came to end,  But left its prints for everyone to offend.  He came back but in a flag draped coffin,  Promise fulfilled, but the mother is sad often. He died but lived forever......... 

The thought of writing this came to my mind when i saw a video in which a 18 year old young was misbehaving and showing finger to a soldier. Coming from army background I know what hardships and difficulties a soldier has to face. Their life is very tough as a bullet can come from anywhere anytime and everything is finished. I remember there were time when my father used to c…


A hungry elephant in search of food, Went to a human she viewed. Offered her pineapple, Trusted and ate the apple. Never knew that would be their last food, As the pineapple was screwed.....
Later the baby in the womb of the elephant asked 'Why did you trust him',  Mommy 'To keep you alive', Baby I thought humans are good, they help us,  But they are the one who killed us.  'What was my fault', Mommy,  I wasn't even born 'I'm sorry', the crying mother mourn....  RIP HUMANITY RIP HUMANITY.... 

So i am not this kinda writer but jusy felt like writing this beacuse it really hit me when i heard this news. It is very disappointing to hear these kind of stuff. It's just not one case, many animals are getting killed by us. I kept asking this question where is humanity gone like seriously. I have seen videos on social media where dogs, cats and many other animals are brutally killed by us. We, humans are becoming selfish day by day. I just want to say …

Fear of losing

Fear of losing
The fear of losing her can be seen in his eyes, He is pretending to be happy but is dead inside. Will the promises be fulfilled,  Will they be the same These questions kills him inside.

They say let's be happy with the present,  But the future scares him again His eyes went down His body fainted As the fear of losing her is still in his eyes As the fear of losing her is still in his eyes...... 

A bright star in the dim moonlightt night

Under the dim moonlight nightI saw a bright star, The star which reminds me of herself As like that bright star  She was very amusing,  As like that bright star She was also pleasing, 

As like that bright star,  She has also lightens somebody's life.  She was my bright star in that dim moonlight night...  It was just not a star but a whole moon to somebody.